Chapter 1.1: The Fugitive

The Malas city guard freaks out.

Day 1. Malas. Pauli’s journal.

Ceduil and I were at market with our new halfling friends Springbear and Puck when she was pushed aside by a fugitive woman running from seven guards. We tried to restrain her – though the halflings had a change of heart midway through the skirmish, deciding to aid in her escape – but the guards ultimately detained her. We were taken in for questioning. I don’t believe the guard learned anything from us innocent bystanders and we learned from them only that her crimes were evidently quite serious.

Two other witnesses – a regal looking cunning character named Kalhandre and his goblin-named bodyguard Kuuc Kaan – were questioned with us. It seemed the goblin-named one had assisted in the fugitive’s apprehension by tripping her with a chain he wields. After our release the six of us shared a round at the Leaping Mule, a place we knew guards to frequent on their off hours. We overheard various guards concerned about bandits in the countryside, alleged spies within the city walls, and a general sense of unease creeping into the city.

Springbear, our crafty halfling friend, observed a mysterious human man at a corner table taking a keen interest in our odd group. He left in a hurry when approach. While the others retired, Springbear followed him, the chain-fighting man and I close behind to provide support without drawing undo attention. Unfortunately, the man lost us. What could he have wanted?

Tomorrow we plan to investigate the jail where we understand the fugitive (now apprehended) is held.


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Chapter 1.1: The Fugitive

Nevermind! I figured it out, and feel dumb.

Chapter 1.1: The Fugitive

I love the journal, man. Nicely done!

Chapter 1.1: The Fugitive
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