Alihadriel (Ali)

A Gray Elf adventurer who was taken from his Elvin homelands to the East by pirates and has learned to blend highseas swashbuckling with his inherant skills as an elemental Wu Jen spellcaster.


Str: 11 Dex: 19 Con: 13 Int: 18 Wis: 11 Cha: 11

Fort Save: +3 Reflex Save: +4 Will Save: +2

AC:14 HP: 14

Base Attack: +1 Speed: 30


Alihadriel (or Ali as he prefers his friends to call him) is a male Gray Elf. His skin is light gray and resembles the spiraling smoke from the ashes of the previous night’s fire. He is of a very slight build, having a slender frame and quite narrow shoulders with a clearly defined collarbone, which is pronounced even through his clothing. His eyes are deeply golden, though there are slight swirls of tawny brown near the pupils. His hair is the color of polished silver. The unrully curls are constantly escaping from the tiedback ponytail that Ali is so proud of. He took an oath you see never to cut his hair. However, he grooms himself meticulously and is well kept none the less. He is devoid of any facial hair due to his Elvin heritage.

His nose is sharp and pronounced. His ears long and pointed. His chin juts away from his neck and he has a clearly cut jawline. He sports a white scar on his left cheek from a duel he engaged in durring his time at sea. The scar runs vertically and his about 2 inchs long, starting a finger’s width below his eye. His arms are long, sinewy and well muscled for one with so slender a build. On the palm of his left hand he bears a tatoo of a drop of water, which is wreated in flames to symbolize his equal fascination for the elements of fire and water. His left wrist is addorned with a solid braclet made of the metal Uberim, which is only found in his homeland far to the east and there is mined to create jewelry for the nobility. It’s appearance is of dull lead when viewed directly. However, if any light shines through it from the side it displays the irridescence of a diamond and refracts light almost as affectively.

His garments are composed almost entirely of simple white and brown dyed cotton. His boots are leather, wrapped in rawhide and extend upwards to his knees. His clothing, although seemingly very tight and form fitted, allows total freedom of movement and maximum mobility. He at all times carries on his belt his trusted rapier and, on the opposite hip, his kukri (or huntsman’s knife). The one item of Ali’s clothing that stands out is his cloak, which he wears over his other garments at all times unless engaged in a fight. It is composed of a material not found in the region of Malas. It has the softness of silk and yet the durability of woal. It is always changing color, depending upon what angle it is viewed from (and in this way it closely resembles the attributes of his braclet). In a slight wind it can seem to contain all the colors of the rainbow. It is only worn by members of the royal guard, of which Ali is descended from and all of whom are Wu Jens sworn to protecting the royal family.

Ali was on the verge of being innitiated himself into the Wu Jen order of the Five Facets when he reached the age of 110. However, while out on a routine patrol of his kingdom’s coastal border, he was ambushed by the Jolly Jalopies, a notoriously bloodthirsty gang of pirates. He spent over five years as their prisoner and only recently was freed of their tyrany by the fortuitous capture of their vessel by a navel vessl from Malas. His extended imprissonment allowed him to gleam some knowledge of the fighting style of swashbucklers and also gave him a rudimentry understanding of the art of sailing. As such, he has chosen to embrace the lightly armored, rapier fighting techniques used by his captors and to blend it with his genetic heritage as a Wu Jen in order to become a more able combatant.

Ali quests for the sheer joy of questing rather than out of duty to some higher calling. He is fiercly loyal to anyone who proves their worthiness. He hates boredom and loves to act impetuously because “you only live once.” He prides himself on having a superior intillect and on his superb agility. He is most happy when faced with great danger and the chance of fame to be won.

He loves new experiences, a good fight, a cold pint of stout, and the fellowship of friends.

He hates pompous oafs who speak as if they know everything, religious fanatics, dwarfs because of their stubborn lack of objectivity and orcs because they revel in destruction.

Ali has no desire to return to him family or his people. He desires instead to adventure with his newly acquired friends in pursuit of fame and fortune, not to mention excitement, which he craves.

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 135 lbs.

Alihadriel (Ali)

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